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Sentinels of Light

When the game collides with the real world.

During summer 2021 Riot games released one of their biggest and most ambitious campaign of all time: Ruination. The main theme of this campaign was the clash between the sentinels of light and the ruined king Viego, that was taking control of the land through his black mist. The apex of this campaign has been a global activation where a few selected streamers for each country were “attacked” by Viego’s mist during their live, and the chat had to spam emoticons to fight it back.

To build up expectations for the global activation (main event), Magnet designed a widget for Twitch and a webcam overlay which would make a mist gradually appear on content creators’ streams while playing League of Legends. Each day the mist appeared more and more prominent on the screen, to give the idea that the big evil was getting closer, and the overlay for the webcam became more corrupted.

Most of the main Italian streamers of League of Legends participated in this activation, such as: Terenas, Paolo Cannone, Lilyane, etc.

In order to amplify the campaign even more, the streamers involved also made stories on Instagram using a special filter.

However, this was not enough. Together with InnTale, famous for their D&D campaigns, we prepared a tabletop role playing game divided in 2 sessions, that had a story connected to the events of the Ruination. Each player created a character and the Game Master would guide them through the story while the players made their own decision.

Among the players there were Terenas, Kurolily and also a special guest, Roberto Recchioni creative director of Dylan Dog. The famous comic book artist and writer drew during the session some illustrations of what was happening during the campaign to then repost on Instagram. Roberto Recchioni also made the official artwork of the campaign for the three main streamers that joined the global activation.

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