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McDonald’s Crispy Tattoo Island

We built a proprietary Roblox Map for McDonald's for the amplification phase of The Crispy Tattoo campaign

In 2023 McDonald’s chose Roblox as its main asset of communication for millenials. We helped them through this process starting from the beginning of “The Crispy Tattoo” campaign back in March, as we created and designed a special Roblox island specifically designed for the brand’s most famous product and campaign centerpiece, the Crispy McBacon. The game mechanics were based on a progressive system, as players had to click repeatedly to earn “burgers” (the correspondant of in game points) to progress through the map and earn extra features as special power-ups.

In accordance with the real life campaign, once the players entered the map they spawned in a full-branded Tattoo shop where they could get exclusive McDonald’s themed tattoos for their Roblox avatar. Rare tattoos required more gameplay to unlock.

The campaign’s amplification phase engaged a diverse range of influencers: Fedez showed the map on his official Instagram challenge, as well as the famous creators Surry and Stepny and the best Roblox talents on Italian YouTube, Roby and Jenny. They also streamed their gameplay on their YouTube channels, involving their fans in a digital Meet&Greet on The Crispy Tattoo Island. Fans could unlock exclusive tattoos inspired by the talents upon completing every area of the map.

The map represents a very useful propretary asset for McDonalds’, and following the success of the Crispy Tattoo campaign we assisted the brand with a subsequent campaign, “Summerdays”. For the occasion we realised a special update of the map featuring new mini-games and gameplay elements, supported by Instagram and YouTube promotions from Roblox content creators.


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