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House of Esports

The first TV Production dedicated to competitive gaming.

Presented by Daniele Bossari, well known figure of the Italian television, and Sara “Kurolily” Stefanizzi, well established streamer on twitch, House of Esports has been the first Italian television production dedicated to esport (broadcasted on DMAX), with more than 500k viewers per episode. Through our network we brought on air all the most relevant influencers in relation to the theme of each episode, including: the Mates, Paolocannone, Grax, Rekins, etc.

We took care of the writing and production in its entirety, from the creation of the services to the structure of each episode. The studio was made by merging real elements of the scenario and custom 3D graphics. This opened the door to fun sub-activities for viewers, such as an easter egg hunt in the background, where videogame characters were hidden in the scenery, and the viewers were tasked to find all of them.

It also opened the door to opportunities for brands to be included and promoted organically inside the program. When promoting the Vigorsol #keepitfresh campaign, we realized an ad hoc background.

House of Esports hosted an original interactive format dedicated to gaming and community: #PLAYTHEPRO, a Brawl Stars challenge between two teams captained by the two streaming stars Davide “Grax” Grasselli and Simone “Nemos” D’Orazio, who gave the opportunity to all fans to challenge them from home and become the protagonists of House of Esports.

During the episodes we broadcasted the highlights of the challenges between the two teams, to make the best players experience what it means to be a “pro-player”, and on a stage of national importance.

House of Esports was the first real cross media project in Italy with simultaneous activations between twitch channels, youtube, instagram and linear television.

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