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Mulino Bianco Scacchieri

A never seen before Twitch activation boosted “Mulino Bianco Scacchieri” launch on the market thanks to a interactive overlay that amplified the user experience

To celebrate the arrival of its newest cookies “Scacchieri”, Mulino Bianco organized a campaign based on the great connection between the product and the concept of gaming. Main claim was <<The first cookies launched on Twitch>>. The purple social media was the main platform chosen for this activation along with Instagram and TikTok, involving a total of eight talents. 

Mulino Bianco created a special landing page where users could play up to four different “Scacchieri” themed mini-games to get the chance to be drawn and win special prizes at the end of the campaign. Each game had to do with peculiar elements of the biscuit, such as the ingredients or chess.  

The three Twitch talents that brought the campaign in their live streaming were Kurolily, the first girl streamer in Italy, Dario Moccia, all-around content creator and Claudio Di Biagio, director and showman in the italian community. They gathered in each other’s channel in three different live streams to talk about their breakfast routine while eating “Scacchieri” and playing mini-games with a twist. 

For this campaign, we designed an overlay that allowed viewers to actively influence the streamers during the game. By writing a command in the live chat users could vote one out of four different challenges and the winning one had to be done by the creators while playing. This involved directly the viewers and made the stream more entertaining and funny.

To reach a bigger audience and raise awareness of the live streams Dario Moccia, Kurolily and Claudio Di Biagio shared their breakfast routine on Instagram and showed their personalized Mulino Bianco boxes. These were also a special prize that could be won by playing the themed mini-games. The social amplification lasted for three weeks and was meant to increase interest in the live streams.

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