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McDonald’s NFT – Triple Level Up ft. Ghali

McDonald’s burgers reach next level and enter the NFT world

The best way to launch McDonald’s newest hamburger: a unique series of NFTs created by three different digital artists with the italian rapper Ghali as testimonial.  

On March 2022 McDonald’s decided to level up their menu and unveil the “Triple Cheeseburger”, available for a limited amount of time. To make it a memorable launch, it was the perfect occasion to reach next level and try out a communication strategy that Italy had never seen before.

To celebrate the launch of its latest product, McDonald’s organized a private event in Milano Rogoredo store. Three digital artists Daniele Tozzi, Simona Gianoli and Nico189 designed with their own style the concept of “Triple Cheeseburger” in front of the press and selected guests. Hip-hop artist Ghali, campaign testimonial, got part in the activity and interacted with the artists.  

Following the idea of “Level Up”, the illustrations came to life in the digital world and became NFTs. Each drawing had 100 unique versions that were easy to get for the general public. To enter the contest, the customers had to download McDonald’s app and insert a special code received after the purchase of a Triple Cheeseburger.  Taking advantage of one of McDonald’s greatest asset, simplified the process and made the contest available for every kind of consumer, also those who knew nothing about blockchain technology. Mainstream adoption was made it possible thanks to the creative effort of MacDonald’s top-notch agencies Fuse and Leo Burnett.

In addition to the whole media campaign (focus on mainstream audience), we specifically aimed to reach a more tech-savy public. That’s why we organized a branded livestream on Twitch with Everyeye, Italy’s most followed website. The journalist interviewed Raffaele Daloiso, McDonald’s Italia Chief Marketing Officer, to present the project and the three illustrators to find out more about their themed creations.

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