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Red Bull Street Streamer

Red Bull Street Streamer project: how a branded gaming van built from scratch became a creator's studio during four different major events

MoonRyde e CaneSecco RedBull Street Streamer

What if we took a gamer out of his bedroom but still made it possible for him to keep streaming? That’s exactly the goal behind “Red Bull Street Streamer”, an unprecedented and bold enough project by the world-famous energy drink brand, a leader in the gaming field such as MSI and two special talents: MoonRyde (650k+ followers onTwitch) and CaneSecco (390k+ subscribers on Youtube).  

What we did – We provided Red Bull the real star of the campaign: The Street Streamer Gaming Van: a unique vehicle specifically designed for this activation starting from an empty van transformed into a proper branded and versatile asset for our client. The inside has been equipped with a fully-featured gaming station and has the space for two hosts and two production crew members, whereas the external part is blazoned with the series logo and vibrant colors. Moreover, every Red Bull Street Streamer checkpoint included a big screen on top so that everyone outside could watch the streaming as if they were online on Twitch and interact with the streamer. 

This fully branded and unique vehicle brought the protagonists on a tour across four major events in Italy involving motorsport, music and gaming: the Red Bull San Marino GP in Misano (Sep 8th-10th), the Red Bull 64 bars concert in Scampia (Oct 7th), the world-famous Lucca Comics&Games festival (Oct 31st-Nov 4th) and Milan Games Week (24-26th november). Throughout the campaign MoonRyde streammed regularly on his Twitch channel from the van and hosted different people related to the events, raising a huge success both online and offline, as many fans watched the live and waited for him to come out and take selfies/sign autographs.  

Canesecco documented the entire “Red Bull Street Streamer” adventure on his YouTube channel. The creative content creator shared the most interesting and unique behind-the-scenes details of each event with his community through four different pieces of content including funny anecdotes, and unique experiments, as a custom-built box that transported creators around the Lucca Comics&Games festival. To ensure a broader amplification, the whole campaign was also amplificated on Red Bull’s official social media channels with special content and challenges. What will be the next step of the Street Streamer journey?


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