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Guggenheim Venezia & Xiaomi

From Venice to the world: Peggy Guggenheim Collection and Xiaomi partner up in the name of beauty and art

When Creators become Creative Directors. A social media takeover can revolutionize the communication of a museum and make its art and behind the scenes accessible to anyone.
In a fast world where every second a lot of content is created, there’s one special kind that is often underrated: art. To solve this problem, we found a way to spread love and interest towards ancient masterpieces, with the help of Xiaomi, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, and two special talents. 

Throughout a seven-month long campaign, digital content creators Salvatore Cinquegrana aka Surry (one of the most followed youtubers in Italy) and Alberto Carrato (digital communication specialist in the entertainment and culture history) take over Peggy Guggenheim Collection social media channels as art directors to reach a bigger audience 

Xiaomi provided Surry and Alberto with two of their latest smartphones, Xiaomi 12, that are going to be used for the making of videos, photos, and every kind of content related to the campaign from the beginning to the end. 

The project was focused on the “Surrealismo e magia. La modernità incantata” exhibition and composed of loads of social media content, including 48 Instagram reels that show the story of artworks, hidden details of the Museum and the restoration process, always following an appealing strategy.

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