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The League of Legends Kraver Tournament

Involving the League of Legends Community and some of the biggest gaming talents in Italy to create an engaging experience for creators, players, and the brand itself

The “Kraver LoL Tournament” campaign had one big goal: allowing day to day players to show their talent in a new branded competition organized in partnership with Kellogg’s. The League of Legends matches were also livestreamed by three of the most followed streamers in Italy: Paolo Cannone, Lilyane and Fragola.  

To create a connection between the brand and the gamers, a full week of branded livestreams was organized. The schedule also included three mini-tournaments, each of them associated to a talent and a specific Kellog’s Krave product. PaoloCannone with the Choco Roulette edition, Fragola – Milk Choco and Lilyane – Choco Nut. Custom visual assets were developed in collaboration with Xister and used for the duration of the entire campaign. 

All the viewers could subscribe to the mini tournaments by using the QLASH App, one of the most downloaded apps for the organization of gaming events. The campaign included activities both on Instagram and Twitch: talents shared branded content and posted IG stories about their tournament edition with punctual calls to action, whereas during the live streaming two different chatbots invited viewers to subscribe and to buy their latest products

Himorta, a huge League of Legends fan and one of the most followed gaming talents in the Italian landscape was chosen to push the competition on Instagram. On her profile she invited followers to subscribe while having a branded breakfast with Krave’s latest edition, Cookies & Cream. This activity strongly increased the event awareness, reaching also people that don’t ordinarily watch LoL content.

At the end of the three mini-tournaments, the best teams from each competition got to play the grand final, live streamed on the Twitch channels of all three streamers. Lilyane, PaoloCannone and Fragola commented the whole event together, including the epic final battle won by the CocoPops team (nice meme from the participants…gg to you guys). The idea of switching point of view, making players the real protagonist, had a great success. The highlights of the tournament were then posted by Krave official social media accounts. 

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